(VIDEO) SeaOrbiter an oceanic station drifting with the currents

Human adventure driven by Jacques Rougerie, in the tradition of the legendary explorers and the Bathyscaphe (the first observation submarine) SeaOrbiter is a habited ocean "buoy" which aims to develop a better understanding of the oceans.

Giant construction made of aluminum, a total height of 51m with 31m underwater, SeaOrbiter will accommodate up to 18 people on different levels. A section of the station will be reserved for aquanauts living in direct contact with the sea, their mission: explore the seabed with depths up to 6000m.

SeaOrbiter is an experimental laboratory of the Blue Economy: marine renewable energy, or food and pharmacopoeia based on marine molecules

But also a network of sentinel, satellites placed in each ocean collecting data through multiple sensors studying the effects of climate change on the ocean.

Relay base of tomorrow’s explorers hosting science and technology programs, SeaOrbiter also is a true space simulator with a pressurized module.

SeaOrbiter HQ is based on the water in a Paris “peniche” on the Seine, a team of ten people ensure the development of the project. 
Construction should begin in 2012 for a program launch planned for 2014. Each station would have an estimated operational life of 15 years.

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