(VIDEO) 2012 Tata Nano, the cheapest Indian car now also becomes the greenest

The 2012 version of the Tata Nano is determined to conquer the Indian market with an update of the Indian people's that features more power and a better fuel economy.

It receives a new interior, new colors and a new air-conditioning. With a weight of only 600kg for the base model, emissions are also going down with only 92.7g/km making the Nano, India’s cheapest and greenest vehicle available.

It’s 624cm3 engine, develops 38hp (instead of 35 previously) and 51 Nm of torque (48 Nm) for a consumption down by 10% with 3.94 l per 100km

Maximum speed of 105kph

Three trim levels: Tata Nano Standard / CX and LX, for the same price as before, from € 1,978 (140,000 Rupies)


Despite its very low price, the Nano has a 4 year and 60.000km warranty

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