(VIDEO) A natural gas vehicle named Green Car of the Year in the United States (Civic CNG)

After the diesel A3 in 2010, the Chevrolet Volt in 2011, the ceremony Green Car of the Year has awarded this year's Honda Civic Natural Gas (CNG). A vehicle offered for several years in the United States by the brand, but whose evolution has been presented recently and is available since October for a price of $26,155.

Hopefully, this award will also push the development of the infrastructure by highlighting this alternative ... Until now, the vehicle was only available in four states in the US, availability that will expand to 200 dealers in 36 states from next year.

2012_Honda_Civic_CNG (2).jpg

To overcome the lack of transparency on natural gas stations, the navigation system provides and maintains up to date a database of stations around the country.

The Honda Civic Natural Gas doesn’t emit much emissions but also nearly 0 particle responsible for SMOGs (mainly diesel). 

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