Volkswagen eT! : an electric semi-autonomous paperboy van

A taste of Bulli?

After suggestions of electric taxis for European Capitals, that is once again an utility vehicle that has the favor of VW and gives birth to a concept car.


With its non-hidden looks of Bulli concept (shown this year in Geneva), the German post is given a vehicle that a lot of us would presumably like to drive... This electric van called eT! (translate as electric Transporter) has been specially designed by VW to meet the needs of the Deutsche Post

With 4.1m along it is fiited with a 32.1kWh battery pack offering up 100km real life range, it feeds two engines that are placed in the rear wheels, they delivers a peak power of 96kW (130hp) and a maximum speed of 110kph, it has an iPad connectivity for services on board and to give the best routes.

VW_eT! (6).jpg

Test vehicle and technology demonstrator, it is not only innovative because of its electric powertrain, the eT! is also semi-autonomous and optimizes logistics by simplifying the work of employees. In "Follow me" mode the van follows the factor from house to house there is also the "Come to me" instruction where the vehicle can reach the driver autonomously.

This new "paperboy van" also allows the factor to move into the passenger seat, facing the sidewalk to distribute mail more quickly thanks to a sliding door. From this seat he can control the vehicle via a joystick.

If the French mail was given an Citroen Tubik this high-tech, it would for sure give birth to some vocations!

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