Fisker Karma: TUV figures are much greener...

The German certification agency has revealed the results of the Karma’s fuel economy and emission.

The results of Fisker’s hybrid range extended sedan obtained by the TUV balance the ones announced in mid-October by the EPA: 20mpg or 11.8l/100km and only 51.5km of range in full electric... In fact the worst figure announced by the TUV is 9.2l/100 or 26mpg achieved in in charge-sustaining Sport mode, when the Karma’s 400hp Karma are sought, impressive at this level of performance!

The TUV also granted the Fisker Karma a score of 10 out of 10 on fuel consumption and emissions in respect with its category. Last detail, the TUV is an independent company, so these results are objective ...

Here are the results that will prevail in Europe



Extra urban



58 g/km

47 g/km

51 g/km

Fuel consumption

98 mpg

(2.4 l/100km)

118 mpg

(2.0 l/100km)

112 mpg

(2.1 l/100km)

Electric range



51.6 mi

(83 km)

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