(VIDEO) Honda Jazz Electric: launched in the United States in 2012, priced at $38,675 (Fit EV)

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda has revealed the final version (after the concept last year) of the Electric Fit (called Jazz in Europe).
Reserved to the US for the time being, starting from next summer it will be available in California and Oregon before its availability extends on the east coast in 2013.

Its 20kWh Lithium Ion battery allows a range of 123km (76miles) in combined driving city / highway. The electric compact car welcomes 5 people, and an application allows users to check the level of charge and start the air conditioning.

Thanks to a 6.6kW 32Amp onboard charger the EV Fit charges in only 3 hours on the 240V.
Its 92kWh (125hp) engine is derived from the one used in the FCX Clarity
The car offers three driving modes Econ, Normal and Sport, Econ mode increasing the range up to 17% compared to normal

About production volumes, over a period of three years, Honda expects to sell 1100 units.

The Fit EV will also be offered in leasing for $399 per month.
A test fleet of these vehicles will also be launched in partnership with the city of Torrance, Google and Stanford University.

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