(VIDEO) OscarEO: update on the electric race car participating in Dakar 2012

This year some electric and hybrid vehicles will take part in the Dakar 2012, the OscarEO Dakar is one of them: an electric 4x4 with a range extender (generator) developed by Latvians.

A true technical challenge combined with the human one of the Dakar, and not much time to develop a completely new drive train from scratch...

OscarEO_proto_built (3).jpg

The initiator of the project is a Dakar pilot, Mauris Saukans, he turned to Andris Dambis, racing driver and engineer with a simple goal: win the Dakar in the category of alternative energy vehicles!

Since the announcement of their participation in last April, Mr. Dambis used his experience –before giving birth to an electric Oscar, M.Dambis had been engineering race and rally raid vehicles since 1983.

Mr. Dambis’ choicie for the OscarEO is a powerful 4x4 with a range extender and maximizing energy regeneration by taking advantage of the conditions.

In figures 180 kW (244hp) continuously and 500Nm of torque for 315kW (428hp) and 800Nm in peak, maximum speed of 140kph. It is powered by a 61kWh battery and shock absorbers that generate electricity.

In order to test components (prior to the finalization of the chassis) the power train has been tested in Nissan Navara Mule

The OscarEO platform is now, it “only” remains to put everything together before we can witness the first images of the full vehicle.

The team realizes the historical dimension of the event films their adventure since the beginning, here's the making-of.

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