(VIDEO) Tokyo 2011: Toyota, three concepts and official reveal of the Aqua (Prius C)

As always at the Tokyo Motor Show, Asian manufacturers such as Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Honda let designers express themselves freely with concepts but also the pre-production vehicles.

This is Toyota’s case which, along three concepts reveals the Aqua, a compact hybrid vehicle that had leaked a few weeks ago.

The Toyota Aqua: finally an hybrid compact for Toyota.

Following the success of the Jazz hybrid on the local market, Toyota has decided to introduce a small hybrid vehicle, with under 4m (3995mm) it hosts 5 people, the petrol engine with a displacement of 1.5l is combined to an electric motor and offers a fuel consumption of just 2.5l/100km!
The launch of the Toyota Aqua is scheduled for the end of the year in Japan and "in other regions" in the following months under the name of Prius C.


The US reveal of the Prius C will happen in Detroit next January

The concepts

FT-EV III, the third electrified version of the iQ, this model is more realistic and previews a production model to be launched next year with a 100km range goal.


FCV-R an hydrogen vehicle that could replace the FCX Clarity, it present advances in terms of style and powertrain, with, according to preliminary tests a range of almost 700km (430 miles) it will be marketed in 2015.


And finally, pure delirium of designer, the Fun-Vii a fun vehicle interacting with its environment and internet.

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