Launch of Car2Go in Vienna: 500 Smarts

The largest fleet of Daimler’s mobility service, Car2Go, will be deployed in Vienna next December.
Starting from tomorrow future users can register and will receive 60 free minutes to discover the service.

This self-service vehicle rental, has been expanding at high speed in Western Europe and the United States, a development that will nonetheless accelerate again in Europe thanks to a partnership recently set up with Europcar.

"With car2go you can simply get in and drive. Our customers can rent a vehicle spontaneously - without prior reservation or specifying a time of return. You can simply leave the vehicle at your destination without having to return it to the departure point", Robert Henrich, Managing Director of car2go GmbH.


The vehicles’ area of use is spread over 80 square kilometers, no stations or fixed point to get or return the vehicles, users find the closest vehicle available through interent or an application.

The Smarts from Car2Go Vienna will be slightly different, they are the first of the worlwide fleet to have been specifically designed for car2go, based on the experience and  feedback acquired over the years: automatic door opening via membership card, specific board computer...

Costs at a glance :
Single registration fee of 9.9 €
€ 0.29 per minute
€ 12 per hour
€ 39 per day (24h)

Gasoline, insurance and parking fees are included.
When the vehicle is parked and wish to keep it, the cost is € 0.09 per minute.

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