(VIDEO) Gocycle G2, 64km of range, lighter and still as compact

The Gocycle is in very good position among the top 5 of electric folding bikes, and the company Karbon Kinetics Ltd.. (KKL) that builds it quickly ended up out of stock.

Now prepared for the success with larger production capacity with Flextronics selected as subcontractor (which builds Brammo motorcycles), they have developed the second version of the Gocycle, the G2.

More advanced, a dashboard is integrated into the handlebar, torque sensors are placed in the pedals to assist you optimally, its three speeds are electronic, it offers several levels of assistance and keeps the clip-on and interchangeable wheel system very fast and convenient.
GoCycle_G2 (2).jpg
Its Lithium Ion battery is placed in the frame and allows up to 40 miles of range (64km).

Compared to the G1 its weight is going down, only 14.9kg thanks to its innovative injection-moulded frame and wheels in magnesium.

“Gocycle G2 is a comprehensive improvement over our first-generation (G1) Gocycle. Customers will notice the user enhancements, lighter weight, increased performance and further design integration. G2R comes standard with electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes and KKL’s patent-pending seamless internal cable routing technology. Light weight remains a key attribute of Gocycle DNA—made possible with our breakthrough injection-moulded Magflow®1 frame and wheel technology and lithium battery. We have also worked on improving the electric drive system in terms of smoothness, efficiency and reliability—without compromising on weight and compactness.” Richard Thorpe, founder of KKL
Two versions will be available :
The G2R in gray (white for the G2S), is the top of range, it receives a security feature with PIN and the torque sensor, otherwise they have the same characteristics.
The G2R is launched this month in some selected shops, the G2S later next year.

All these improvements come at a price, € 2999 for the G2R, while the G1 did not exceed € 2000.

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