EICMA 2011 rumors and exclusives infos

After the exhaustive presentation of the vehicles exhibited, here are some rumors and exclusive informations we have collected for you at EICMA.

-Oxygen presented the prototype of an electric three-wheeler, this scooter developed in partnership with Quadro will be launched next year and come in two models, one for each brand ...

-About Volta Motorbikes, the Volta BCN Sport will be priced at 600€ more than the BCN City. Base price is announced around 7000€ and is subject to modifications depending on the brand’s partnership and reseller agreements…

-On the booth of the Italian Federation of Motorcycling, we spotted an electric racing bike... After a discussion with the engineer of the project, we were not disappointed!


This prototype is part of a project of the Federation to develop a new racing series, an electric championship not comparable to the current ones, it would take place indoors in cities. A monotype championship where world's best pilots would compete, the "Progetto E-Uno."

No need to specify that we cannot wait to see the first public tests of the bike -name code E_XXX Concept- planned for the first quarter of 2012. To give you some details about the bike its 40kW Marelli motor is mounted longitudinally (it comes directly from military aviation and is very reliable) its aluminum chassis is derived from a Honda RS250GP finally its body is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight.

-As we said in the article about Vectrix, they are currently working on a scooter with 16 inch wheels, code name VX-BW (BigWheels) before adopting such other number.

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