(VIDEO) Electric motorcycles and scooters at the 2011 EICMA, all the novelties

The 2011 Milan two-wheeler Show on was rich in announcement and reveals, here is the debrief:


-2012 Zero Motorcycles model line with up to 184km of range

-The VoltaBCN, an electric motorcycle whose first units will arrive next year. In addition to what we already revealed on the bikes, they are developing an app that will allow you to program charging time, choose the driving mode and finally the sound for the motor offering a dozen of options (in its production version, the bike will emit a virtual sound up to 50kph).

-GasGas revealed an version of their famous trial bikes, the TXT_E

-Brammo Motorcyles announced the highly expected first informations and EU prices of the Engage and Encite.

-The eCRP Energica an electric street bike which is more powerful and faster than the race version!

-QVR exhibited their scooter the Vrone, but also the VCross an electric motocross developed with Quantya.


-The Garelli XoE an electric scooter that can be optionally equipped with a range extender

-The Piaggio Liberty-electric for companies

-The e-ton e-go available with 10 or 12 inches wheels

-The Veteg scooters nice looking but having an issue with the finish (hopefully because it was just prototypes ...)


-An electric scooter developed by Elmove for Italjet

-Evolve motorcyles that had two impressive showbikes

-The Eclimo EB25 was the attraction on the stand of KLD Technologies

-An electric cargo scooter by Elmoto


Finally we will close this report with the reveal of the Montante pedelec for which we had a real crush…
This bike, made to measure, is based on a Columbus steel frame and fork with micro-fusioned jointing, it is fitted with front disc brakes, a 28" front wheel and a 26" back wheel featuring a 3 speed in-hub system.


See all the electric vehicles on display at EICMA in this 7 minutes slideshow
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