Mitsubishi @ Tokyo 2011: PX-MiEVII, powertrain for the Lancer Evo XI in sight? (#PHEV)

This article is an update from November 11th article with new informations and pictures

At the Tokyo Auto Show, Mitsubishi revealed two models, the Mirage a compact car, and the PX-MiEVII a plug-in hybrid SUV concept vehicle...

Mitsubishi Mirage
Downsizing is now visible in many urban vehicles, with a profusion of three-cylinder already available or expected soon

Mitsubishi is no exception to this rule and presents the Mirage in Tokyo -a compact car derived from the Global Small Concept- the Mirage will be available in Asia from next year. Matted to a CVT gearbox, its 1.0l three cylinder features the Auto Stop & Go and offers a consumption of only 3.3 l/100km, it welcomes 5 passengers in 3.71m long and 1.49 wide.

Mitsubishi PX MiEVII
This concept of hybrid 4x4 has also been revealed in Tokyo, but more than the vehicle itself we are particularly interested in its powertrain...

This technology developed in-house combines a 2000cc 4-cylinder engine to two 60kW electric motors (2x81ch) placed on each axle. As a result it offers four-wheel drive and consumption of only 1.7 per 100km in combined mode and a total range of 800km. 

The PX-MiEV II powertrain offers three driving modes:
-Electric only with a range estimated to 50km


-Series hybrid: only the electric motors power the wheels, electricity then comes from the battery, the gasoline engine is used as generator.


-Parallel hybrid: the three engines operate together to offer increased power


That would be an ideal powertrain for an hybrid Lancer announced a few weeks ago don’t you think?

Although the power of the four cylinder has not been revealed, it is reasonable to estimate that the combined power will be between 250 and 300hp ...

To be continued!
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