(VIDEO) Electric sports car: the Delta E4 @ Silvertone (+ Lightning GT &RAC FCC)

Before participating in the RAC Future Car Challenge, the Delta E4 Coupe -that is, I recall (unfortunately) just a technology demonstrator and not destined to see production- heat-up in an exercise that suits it much better, few laps at Silverstone with Kevin McCloud (designer, TV presenter and car addict) behind the steering wheel.

Talking about English electric performance, the Lightning GT was also taking part in this eco-rally from Brighton to London. This superb electric GT under development since 2008 will be produced in (small) series from next year for a price announced around € 250,000.

The RAC FCC was been won by Gordon Murray with his T27 electric city car which achieved a record efficiency with an energy consumption equivalent to 0.81l per 100km (350mpg).

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