(VIDEO) EICMA 2011: Evolve will reveal two exceptional electric motorcycles (LightCycle priced at $ 55,000 and Lithium a Sports bike)

Evolve is a young American brand that designs electric scooters, we announced their first three models on October 5th. A simple yet elegant design with competitive performances, in short, pragmatic and efficient, a good start!

For their launch in Europe at Milan’s two-wheeler exhibition, Evolve decided to make an impression in visitors mind.

You probably remember the electric LightCycle by the Parker Brothers Choppers... This is the first announcement, it is now available from Evolve and costs $ 55,000.
Evolve_Motorcycle_LightCycle (2).jpg

Then there is the Lithium, an electric sports motorcycle that uses the same powertrain a 40kW electric motor (54hp) with a speed limited to 160kph (100mph) and a range of 160km (100miles) its price remains to be announced, the bike is only a concept for the moment.
Evolve_Motorcycle_LightCycle (2).jpg

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