(VIDEO) Mate Rimac offers us a closer look to the Concept One

Following the buzz around the reveal of this electric supercar during the Frankfurt Motor Show a few months ago, here's an opportunity to have a second look on this very promising concept.

In an interview with a local television, Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac Automobili opens the doors of its factory and Concept One, giving us more details on this vehicle.



The concept one gets six displays, seven cameras and a head-up display. Mate Rimac also announces a 3D board computer which, in case a technical failure tells you directly, which part is in trouble...
Add to this its1088hp and the Concept One is definitely excessive, but does it so well!

Rimac Automobili represents 20 employees and 50 subcontractors, a construction nearly 100% Croatian, only the brake pads and some security features (seat belts, airbags) are not produced locally. From 10 to 15 units could be produced per year for an unofficial pricing announced around € 700,000

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