(VIDEO) Production of Ford’s 1.0l EcoBoost starts (update)

The production of the smaller engine of the brand will begin in Cologne, Germany next week, an historic production facility (26 million engines since 1962), now dedicated to the EcoBoost technology, thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing investments.


The 1.0l EcoBoost is a three-cylinder petrol engine, it receives a turbocharger and direct injection, to promise low emissions and fuel consumption, with interesting power. 
Two varaints will be available, one with 100hp for emissions of 109g/km, the other 125hp and 170Nm of torque (200Nm with the overboost) for only 114g/km and an average fuel economy of 5l per 100km!

From 2012 it will be offered in the Focus, the B-Max, C-Max and other vehicles worldwide to be announced later.

Via Ford

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