(VIDEO) Quicar car-sharing by Volkswagen

Today Quicar was officially launched in Hanover.
The first cars will be available within two weeks, 200 Golf BlueMotion within the Quicar offer and 70 other vehicles for "Quicar Plus."

Quicar is short term rental from 30 minutes while the minimum for Quicar Plus is 10hours.
50 stations will be installed through the city initially and that number is expected to double
A single registration fee of € 25 and € 15 for students
A magnetic card opens the door before releasing the key hidden in the glove box.

With Quicar the first 30 minutes cost €6 and 20 cents per additional minute, gas and insurance are included in the price, a gas card is placed in the car.

Quicar Plus is a more classic rental but more flexible offering a variety of vehicles with a minimum rental time from 10hours, appropriate for longer trips, the Up! costs 30 € from 8am to 18pm and € 40 for the New Beetle.

The Golf BlueMotion is equipped with a 1.6l TDI engine that offers a consumption of 3.8l/100km for emissions of only 99g/km.

"Quicar will make individual urban mobility possible for many people ranging from students to large families and trade customers. Quicar also demonstrates just how functional, efficient and inexpensive mobility made by Volkswagen can be," Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. 

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