(VIDEO) E-volo, the electric multicopter

Electric helicopter are rather rare, Sikorsky is developing one and Solution F has developed a prototype for Pascal Chretien but a multicopter, it's a first!

We owe this innovation to Thomas Senkel, after a series of unmanned flights, he decided to make history a few days ago, taking place on board of the e-volo for a one minute and 30 seconds flight.

e-volo_electric_multicopter (2).jpg

The e-volo has 16 propellers, according to its designer it is fairly simple to build since it does not require a big engine and provides a greater margin of error as it can continue to fly and land even with four of its engines are down.

In the present state, the prototype allows 10 to 30 minutes of battery life for an empty weight of only 80kg. More secure, the e-volo also offers the ability to use a parachute.

The control of the craft is operated with a simple remote control like a scale model.

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