Brammo raises $ 28 million and signs a partnership with Polaris

In a second funding round that ended today, Brammo raised 28 million dollars to support its development.

Brammo is one of the most promising electric bike manufacturer in the world. With Zero Motorcycles, they are well placed to share much of the electric motorcycle market in the United States first and then in Europe.

The American brand based in Oregon has also signed a strategic partnership with Polaris, allowing brands to strengthen their presence in the market of electric recreational vehicles (powersports) and combine their technological expertise on batteries and drivetrain.


“We now have the ability to maintain our high standards of quality while we innovate and commercialize at speed, and this enables us to better serve our customers and build a sustainable advantage. Polaris is the clear leader in powersports and our manufacturing partner, Flextronics, is a global leader in electronics manufacturing.” 
Craig Bramscher, founder of Brammo.

Polaris already has an electric vehicle, the Ranger EV
This exisitng range will soon be extended with the Engage
Par Technologic Vehicles
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