(VIDEO) Nissan: hydrogen cars and plug-in hybrids in sight

A few days ago Nissan revealed its Green Program, a medium-term environmental plan, aiming to become the leader in zero emission mobility, with 1.5 million electric vehicles sold by 2016 through the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Each brand will have a range of 4 electric vehicles by 2016, and while we already know those of Renault, aside of the Leaf, with Nissan we can see leads with the rebadged Twizy (New Mobility Concept), the NV200 electric prototype tested since this summer in Japan, and even dreaming is allowed... remember the Eslfow?!

Carlos Ghosn then announced that the technology portfolio of the Alliance would be expanded with hydrogen vehicles and plug-in hybrid, a surprise for the brand that had, until then presented only 100% electric vehicles...

For the fuel cell Nissan will partner (on behalf of the Alliance) with Daimler in a strategic partnership (the brand with the star as a technological lead with their F-Cell) for a launch planned by 2016.

Finally, to provide more efficient vehicles (35% target of ICE emissions reduction) at least two models are expected, a front wheel drive hybrid and a plug-in hybrid.

As part of this plan, Carlos Ghosn also announced that they will increase the use of recycled materials up to 25% by 2016.

Via Nissan

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