(VIDEO) First flight of the Solar Ship, a new solar-powered airplane (Airship)

After the Solar Impulse here is the Solar Ship a new generation airship, very versatile, and efficient!

At the inception of this project, a Canadian firm Solar Ship, which identified the need for a flying machine that could be operational in isolated lands, without road, for rescue missions, supply ...

Its flight is made possible through an optimized aerodynamics, synthetic textile laminates, lightweight batteries, and high-efficiency solarcells.
The Solar Ship takes-off and lands in only 50 to 100 meters; therefore it is a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing).

After a successful maiden flight, several models will be developed with different sizes, Caracal, Chui, Nanuq.

Offered with solar or hybrid propulsion systems they offer various range and speeds, the payload of SolarShips goes from 150 to 30000kg depending on the model, while the autonomy starts a 500km per day, to 6000 km and more.

For the moment very few details have disclosed on their technology, but we have an evidence with the video below that they already have a flying prototype.

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