(VIDEO) Electric Bike: first French test of the Stealth Electric Fighter

This week-end we have been the first lucky french people to be able to test ride a Fighter from the Australian brand Stealth Electric. 

On the paper: a 3000Watt motor (4hp) and a range of 60km… We had to see that by ourselves!

First look: the Fighter is impressive, in addition to its techno-industrial look mixing carbon and steel, fitted with 24x3.00 Duro Razorback and 6 piston calipers mounted on 203mm discs front and rear, its brakes and tires immediately pose the bases...


Getting started: a switch, pedals, an accelerator that takes 1/3 of the right handle, and two brakes.
The Fighter offers two speeds operated via the crankset through a button (Schlumpf type). The first speed eases the starts but is not exactly necessary at this precise moment as the bike delivers immense torque. However, it can be useful for U-turns as the accelerator is a little sensitive at first. After the peak power at the start, you can sense a power decrease during the acceleration phase, then, the second gear takes a lot of sense to help building speed, allowing both to accelerate faster and save some battery.


In 30 minutes of intensive testing we used 32.68Ah of the 200 available, the 60km announced range is therefore quite realistic.

The bike is fully customizable, both in terms of electric management and comfort with adjustable front and rear suspensions.

As the bike was brand new, we could not try it at full power (its recommended to take it easy with the battery for the first charges). Our test is performed at 65% of the available power and that’s already more than enough, pedaling quietly, the speed of 45 kph is reached in just 10 seconds... Then, you appreciate the hyper effective brakes…


We liked the high quality finish that corresponds to its price.

How much does it cost to import in the EU? Price listed on the spec-sheet is without tax and transport costs, all duties paid it costs about € 8000

Competitors? At this level of perfomances, it is placed between the Third Element and KTM eGnition with a more raw look that we find particularly attractive.

Because of its power, this bike does not enter in the category of Pedelecs (limited to 250Watt) and fits in the e-bike/scooter category.

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