(VIDEO) BionX SeaScape12, the pedelec watercraft

Here is a paddle boat (pedalo) that opens new horizons, revealed earlier this month in Ontario, Canada, the SeaScape12 has been developed by BionX, a Canadian company (created by the vice chairman and the co-founder of Magna, Manfred Gingl and Frank Stronach) specializes in electric assist systems for bicycles.
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The SeaScape12’s propulsion system offers a variable assist operated via torque sensor which supports the effort with adequate power, both pedals are independent so each user can ride at their own pace, while a Transom propeller with adjustable height allows to navigate in shallow water.

It can accommodate two passengers plus two children and even has a front module that can be used for extra storage or a cooler box.

With a 250Watt motor, the power-assisted offers three driving modes and four levels of assistance (35-60-100 and 300%) for a maximum speed of 4.5 knots (8.1kph) instead of 3 knots without assistance.
BionX_seascape12 (2).jpg
The SeaScape12’s total weight is 220kg, it recharges in three hours, however its range hasn’t been revealed.

Previously BionX had already developed an electric boat equipped with an optional range extender, the SeaScape24.

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