(VIDEO) Arcspeed: a second Australian Supercar

After the Varley EVR450 a few days ago, here's a surprising roadster developped by an independent brand, the brainchild of a man who wished to propose a recreational sport vehicle.


Do not rely on the Mazda 3 headlights but more on the Supra rear lights... This car announces the 0 to 100kph in 3.8 seconds, 525Nm of torque and batteries placed in the chassis.

While the prototype has only 120km of range, series models should provide up to 350 km. Thanks to two integrated chargers, charging takes 4 hours.


Available in left or right hand drive, its cockpit is made of carbon fiber.
On the dashboard, a central area is designed to accommodate, depending on your preference an iPad or a Tablet PC, it can control the vehicle’s functions.

Pure Spider, this is the first prototype (developed 100% with private funds) from the brand that plans to produce this vehicle to 25 units the first year at a below A$ 100.000.

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