(VIDEO) Premiere of the Bmw i3 and Bmw i8 in Paris

BMW unveiled today the first two models of the BMWi range in France.
The opportunity for the BMW Group to review its electric developments, from the 1972’s electric 1602 with its lead-acid batteries, to the 1991 BmwE, the Mini E in 2009, the ActivE entering test phases next year and up to the "i" range.


Jean Michel Cavret director of strategy and electromobility of BMW France gave an overview of group's strategy.

About the test fleets (Mini E and Active E) :
The Mini has been used to study the behavior of the users, their expectations, while the ActivE experiment will be used to validate the drivetrain of the BMW i3 expected in 2013.
The 612 Mini E over the world have traveled no less than 15million kilometers, here is in brief some of the lessons learnt.
In France 50 vehicles were put into service, half for individuals and the rest for companies, projects led by Igor Czerny at EDF and Olivier Delassus for Veolia.

The MiniE French experience in figures :
-Daily distance traveled in average: 47km, nevertheless a range of 205km is desired by users (300km ideally ...)
-86% of the users recharge at home. Charging time on 12 amps: 9 to 10 hours, for a 3h desired time, 6h acceptable.
-100% of the users enjoyed regenerative braking and used it 92% of the time instead of the conventional braking.


Queen of the presentation (shorter deadline and more promising volumes) was the BMW i3 with an important recall, in addition to the information you have already, the option REx, a range extender: a small internal combustion engine, and why not a motorcycle engine that would be the perfect generator with its high revolutions...
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