And if BMW designed an electric micro-car (BMW i1)

Pure product of a designer’s imagination or actual project for the brand?
Too early to tell if the extension of the range "i" is already on the agenda ...

But these initial renderings are quite interesting, a sporty three-wheeled fully faired motorcycle, with sleek lines and optimal aerodynamics.


On the performance side inhub motors placed in the wheels would take care of powering the bullet.

For the moment BMW is one of the only manufacturers that didn’t reveal an electric microcar (even more if we consider that Daimler already has his own with the Smart ED)

BMW has not officially announced to be working on new models of the range "i" but a rumor, already exists on the models i4 and i5.


The Bmw i1 could be the (ultra) sport alternative of the market, that is one option... The other one equally credible is the return of the Isetta with an electric version… So, reason or passion?

Time will tell ...

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