"Oldtimer" electric cars could replace horse carriages in New York

Electric cars could replace the famous New York’s carriages, but to can take over those mythical vehicle they can’t use any electric vehicle, it has to be special! 
With a look straight out of the early 20th century here is the "Brass".

Result of NY Class’s lobbying that campains for the end of horse carriages in New York, this electric car features all the accessories of oldtimers, lanterns, white tires, wood inserts, "ah-hoogah" horn and even baskets to welcome blankets...


The "Brass" was designed by Jason Wenig that restores and builds custom models in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
It can accommodate up to 6 passengers (+ driver) and has 5 Lithium Ion batteries (454kg) offering 10 hours of range, charging would take 2 to 3 hours... In Central Park their speed will be limited to 8 kph (5mph) but outside they could reach a speed of 56kph (35mph).

For now only one image is available: a scale model that was presented this week in Manhattan’s hippodrome.

Its price is scheduled to be between $125,000 and $175,000, it will be offered in leasing for $21,000/year by non-profit oraginzation. If an agreement is found, the first units should come out of the workshop within a year, and 68 vehicles could be put into service.

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