Honda Insight Exclusive: an Insight with a CR-Z engine (1.5l IMA)

On the Japanese site of Honda Automobile we can discover what appears to be a preview... Dubbed "Exclusive" this version of Honda’s hybrid sedan, is more than a specific color, wheels and interior trim, it is fitted with the 1.5l hybrid engine instead of the usual 1.3l.


Few information is available for the moment on this engine but it should be the engine used in the CR-Z, a 1.5l i-VTEC developing 124hp and 174Nm.

That should allow the Insight to better compete with the Prius in terms of performance.

Honda_Insight_Exclusive (2).jpg

Here is a comparison of the two models where we can see that even with 150kg less the Insight’s lack of power triggers a correction of almost 2 seconds on the 0 to 100kph.
A high-end version that is welcome, especially as Honda’s hybrid sedan has some margin in terms of price ... €21.250 against €26.500 for the Prius.

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