EU CO2 standards: what fines for the manufacturers?

Brussels objectives are clear, the average emissions for the year 2012 in Europe are set at 130g/km, in case of non-compliance, fines could be imposed to the manufacturers.

This penalty will be calculated based on the average difference with respect to the target, and the number of vehicles sold, for example, the fine for Daimler, which showed an average of 160g/km in 2010 would have amounted 1900 € per vehicle or a €1 billion!

This explains the large drop in emissions over the last 5 years with budgets of R & D focused on environmental developments.

The only manufacturer to have already reached the 2012 threshold is Toyota.

With that deadline and the one of 2020 set at 95g/km, no need to recall the interest of electric vehicles ... Emitting 0 grams of CO2 they can significantly improve the average, and even more as they get a weighting of 3.5 in the calculation ...

 "As we approach the implementation of strict standards imposed by the authorities in terms of CO2 emissions, the automobile industry has fully realized the environmental challenge, firstly by improving the performance of combustion engine and redoubling efforts in R & D, particularly through the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. For PwC, these should represent respectively 4.1% and 1.0% of light vehicle production in 2017, " François Jaumain, Partner PwC.

Note the rapid evolution of the industry that practically offered no vehicles below the 120g/km barrier in 1995.


Progress on the 2010-2011 year are amazing with efficient vehicles losing 10 to 15g of CO2 per km, in the database while keeping the same engine!

This CO2 target is fixed in parallel to the Euro standards (Euro 6 in 2014) aiming to reduce other pollutants, NOx and particulate.

In short numbers that are scary enough to move the industry, much of which, should avoid fines, partly thanks to compliant calculation methods (calculation on 65% of the volumes sold)...

Via PwC / Les Echos

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