Evolve: a new brand of electric scooters launches in the U.S

Evolve Motorcycles is a New York based company founded by three partners Benjamin Plum, Mazdack Rassi and Lex Kendall. They will soon be unveiling their first three models to the public.
The brief: develop US made electric scooters, affordable and stylish

Evolve scooters use LiFePO4 batteries and motors placed in the rear wheel hubs, their designs are simple and functional design.

Their trump card? They understood how to make these relatively common scooters, trendy... By offering a community with 24/7 assistance!

The "Evolve" App allows users to locate themselves and share on the road, an idea that in addition to the social networking aspect could be very useful to provide a recharging map constantly updated by the users...
These first three models should be followed by two others.

We like the affordable price and the number of storage spaces.
Prices range from $2900 for the entry level “50cc” called Helium to $5400 for the 125cc version dubbed Titanium.

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