(VIDEO) Electric Blue: new speed record with an electric vehicle (under 500kg)

With 250.74 kph we are certainly far from the record of the Jamais Contente (Buckeye Bullet) but in his weight class is it by far the best, perhaps even the only one, as it is very difficult to develop a performant electric vehicle weighing less than 500kg ...

"Electric Blue" enters in the E1 class, and after getting very close to a first record last year with a 139mph first run and a second on which the car rolled (two runs required)… The students of BYU (Brigham Young University) have finally fulfilled their objective!


On two runs the average was 155.8 mph (250.74kph) with a maximum speed of 175mph (281.63kph)...

A record that ends a 7 years quest pursued by Perry Carter, a quest that saw 130 students and finally offers M. Carter a successful retirement after 31 years of teaching.

"Electric Blue" is in the Streamliners category, its body is made out of carbon fiber and incorporates the wheels, LiFePO4 batteries powers the electric motor.

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