(VIDEO) 2011 Green Flight Challenge: Pipistrel wins $ 1.35 million with the Taurus G4

The largest prize in the history of aviation has been awarded to the Slovenian company Pipistrel who won the 2011 Green Flight Challenge. The second team, the eGenius wins $ 120,000.
The bar of the Challenge was set very high: participants had to go 200miles (320km) at a speed of 100mph (160kph) with the equivalent of a gallon of gas (3.78l), and yet, both of them have not only successfully completed the Challenge, but they did it with only the half of gallon! 

"NASA congratulates Pipistrel-USA.com for proving that ultra-efficient aviation is within our grasp," said Joe Parrish, NASA's acting chief technologist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Today we've shown that electric aircraft have moved beyond science fiction and are now in the realm of practice." 

Suddenly everyone is interested in this 4 seater electric plane (or UFO), even Larry Page came to visit... 

"Two years ago the thought of flying 200 miles at 100 mph in an electric aircraft was pure science fiction," said Jack W. Langelaan, team leader of Team Pipistrel-USA.com. "Now, we are all looking forward to the future of electric aviation." 

A competition that took place and ends with a fairplay spirit... 
"I'm proud that Pipistrel won, they've been a leader in getting these things into production, and the team really deserves it, and worked hard to win this prize," said Eric Raymond, team leader of eGenius. 

This should speed-up Pipistrel’s green developments including the Panthera which is expected in 2013

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