(VIDEO) Green Classic : EVCCON 2011

The electric car convention was held a few days ago in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, here are some pictures of what you could come across, many Porsches and a beautiful 904 (actually a Beck 904 replica).


The 904 offers impressive performances, a conversion to see here (the project begins at the 27th minute): 0 to 100 in 6seconds and a 193kph top speed for a 209km range thanks to the 30.9kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Weight is kept at 1068kg, the conversion took five months and cost is not revealed.


EVCCON is also about participants from around the world and vehicles often far from an amateur work... Note the presence of an electric Cayenne, and a beautiful Opel GT ...

This convention allows to meet and share experiences but also to confront vehicles... A few drag races like the Porsche 914 VS the 550 Spyder...

Next step with a real kick at the acceleration, Seb Bourgeois’ twin motor Porsche 911

And finally the fastest…. Team Haiyin Camaro’s: 10.08seconds quarter mile car

He are the participants in details

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