(VIDEO) Green classic: Magnolia Special, a beauty with a CNG 4.2l Jaguar XJ6 engine

It is nice to see that craftsmen can produce works in accordance with their time, this is JT Nesbitt’s case. 
More known and recognized for his work on two wheels, he designed and developed this vehicle like an endurance racing car with a design in the line of art deco roadsters, here's the Magnolia Special, born from his workshop in New Orleans.

Magnolia_Special (2).jpg

The construction of this very special vehicle began in September 2009 with a custom chassis. The Magnolia Special welcomes gas cylinders on each sides, these tanks provide additional rigidity to the chassis.

Magnolia_Special (2).jpg

The very torquey XJ6’s 4.2l converted to compressed gas develops 200hp and 407Nm, it is mated to a 5 speed gearbox and a rear differential. The natural gas propulsion allows it to display emissions reduced by 40% and autonomy 1126km.
Weight distribution is 47 in front and 53 at the rear.

Magnolia_Special (2).jpg

But the beauty won’t remain forever in a garage and will soon be taking a challenge: crossing the United States from east to west, New York to Los Angeles, actually, this is the purpose for which the car has been built...

Magnolia_Special (2).jpgMagnolia_Special (2).jpg

Take a close look to the craftsmanship, the Magnolia is magnificent in every detail, from the steering wheel to the dials and the door handles... And the engine sound in bonus...

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