(VIDEO) Green Flight Challenge 2011: electric planes take off

This is the second day of the Green Flight Challenge.

The bar of the challenge is placed so high that only 4 out of the 13 participants arrived on the tarmac of Santa Rosa’s airport.

Today, after weighing and control of the aircrafts, the participants take off.

Program: calculation of efficiency in pMPG (Passenger Mile Per Gallon or consumption per passenger), the moment of truth for the participants who need to reach a record consumption, 1 gallon of gas (3.78 l) on 200 miles (322km) with a minimum speed of 100mph (161kph)

The planes are equipped with a device called eTotalizer which measures the energy consumption in kWh, the noise emitted by the aircraft during takeoff is also measured

The video provides an opportunity to compare the take-off distances.

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