Hybrid 5 Series : BMW ActiveHybrid 5 (+ detailled specs and price)

While this technology has just been dropped on the X6, BMW reveals the highly anticipated hybrid version of the BMW 5 Series
BMW_ActiveHybrid5 (6).jpg
This hybrid sedan manages to combine an amazing 340hp and 450Nm output for emissions of only 149g/km (with low rolling resistance tires).
Full Hybrid, in electric mode, its autonomy is 4km with a Vmax of 60 kph.

The 306hp and 400Nm Twin Power six-cylinder (found in the 535i) is matted to an electric motor developing 55hp and 210Nm while an 8 speed automatic transmission transfers the power with a maximum efficiency.

The small Lithium Ion Battery (not even 1 kWh) is placed in the trunk, of course, this hybrid is equipped with the Start/Stop function.

BMW_ActiveHybrid5 (6).jpg

The ActiveHybrid 5 features an e-boost function that allows the 0 to 100 in 5.9 seconds for a consumption figure between 6.4 and 7 l/100km.
BMW_ActiveHybrid5 (6).jpg
The Infiniti M35h, Audi A6 Hybrid and the new Lexus GS450h have a serious competitor

Note: rumours announce  that an ActiveHybrid 3 could be in development…


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