(VIDEO) First tests of Bolloré’s Autolib/Bluecar

In preview of the first tests of Paris' electrcic car-sharing service that will be carried out (by members of the group and the city of Paris, according to the latest information available) over a period starting from next week and untill December 1st; offering two months of tests of the service; Le Figaro was able to get behind the wheel of the electric city car.

Designed by Pinifarina and assembled in the Bairo Canavese factory near Turin (that the Bolloré group rents especially) the exterior of the Autolib is rather classic, while the interior functional and spacious welcomes four passengers and receives a large central touch screen that features a navigation system.

For the record, the specs sheet of the Autolib announces 250km of range and a maximum speed of 130 kph.

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