(VIDEO) First city test for the autonomous car "MadeInGermany"

You probably know the Driverless Prius developed by Google, but the Americans are not the only ones developing this technology...

Volvo works on a train of vehicles (SARTRE) and here is the project Autonomos, which is independent from VW unlike the "TAP" technology presented last June as part of the European project HAVEit

Developed by the free University of Berlin, the vehicle called MadeInGermany has been able to achieve its first real life test in the traffic.

In addition to some technologies already fitted some production car, as parking and lane changing assistant, the vehicle gets more complex technologies: a GPS receiver coupled with a series of sensors allows the vehicle to react according to its environment.

Autonomos_MadeinGermany (2).jpg

In development since 2007 the vehicle has been allowed to drive on open roads since June 2011. The narrow streets and tunnels remain a problem for this vehicle.

MadeInGermany traveled no less than 80km with four round trips between the Berlin convention center and the Brandenburg Gate

The idea behind the project is to make car sharing more flexible with vehicles that could go autonomously to the next customer.
Cost of the vehicle: € 400,000...

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