Mitsubishi teams up with WiTricity to develop wireless charging

WiTricityest is an American company founded in 2007 which aims to develop wireless recharging in the everyday life, with applications for computers or telephones, while seeing a major interest with electric vehicles. 

The two companies have partnered with IHI Corporation to make available to the users of electric vehicles a simple technology that requires no special knowledge: "right out of the box." 

Simplify the daily use of electric vehicles with the installation of wireless charging points at home but also in shopping center car parks for example. 

The patented technology is based on the magnetic resonance (see our complete file on the wireless charging technologies around the world) 

Recharging is done automatically, as soon as the transmitter and receiver (placed under the vehicle) are at a 20cm distance with an efficiency of 90% (very few loss) and for powers of up to 3.3 kW. 

The partnership will be brokendown into three stages prior to a market launch: 

1. Find the most simple and effective way to insert wireless recharging in the existing infrastructure 
2. Develop regulations and safety standards on the technology 
3. Tests in electric vehicles equipped with receivers 

Here's the founder of WiTricity, Eric Giler, which explains the technology during the TED conference in 2009.
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