The record breaker Peugeot EX1


Peugeot presents a high performance electric roadster. The EX1 beats many world records in acceleration (6 in total). To give some performances 0 to 62mph (0 to 100 kph) takes 3,58 seconds and 0 to max speed (161 mph/ 260 kph) takes only 6,6 seconds!!

These performances are obtained thanks to an ultra-light structure and two electric engines, conferring a max power of 340hp, 260 Nm of torque and 4 wheel drive. For astonishing accelerations and gravitation forces higher than 1G .

The “monocoque” structure, made out of carbon, the aerodynamic, and the small dimensions of the prototype highly improves its efficiency. Equipped with a 30 kWh Lithium Ion battery the estimated range is about 450km (280 miles).

Source : Peugeot

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