Standardization of recharging plugs for EVs, soon a reality?

Last week in Brussels, European manufacturers have set the outlines towards a standard for recharging electric vehicles, whiling to achieve a single type of plug (connection).

It is indeed an essential prerequisite for the development of e mobility, until now, each manufacturer was free to use the plug he wanted...

These recommendations concern not only the plug itself but also the charging stations, public and private, standard or fast charging, AC or DC.

“This is a major step towards the broader introduction of electrically-chargeable vehicles in Europe and paves the way for a harmonised solution around the globe”, Ivan Hodac, Secretary General of ACEA 

Upon approval of this directive by the competent bodies, the first integration in vehicles will follow with a real standardization in new vehicles expected by 2017...
This standardization should allow significant economies of scale but also an optimum level of safety.


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