Microcab H2EV, the hydrogen microcar debuts in England

The company Microcab develops a series of fuel cell micro vehicles since 2008. 
Recently they presented an updated version at the Low Carbon Vehicle festival with a new chassis but also redesigned interior and exterior, believe it or not… Here is the before/after as a proof.

Before After

Just a few days ago the Microcab H2EV attended the opening of the first (coomercial) hydrogen station; installed by Honda; in Swindon, UK.

This small hydrogen vehicle was been developed in partnership with the Universities of Birmingham and Coventry, it accommodates four people and can travel 160km, emitting only water ... Of course, performances are not breathtaking but it is not the purpose of the exercise... Important info though, the chassis has been developed in partnership with Lotus and Delta Motorsport!

Energy is provided by a 3kW fuel cell.

This microcar will enter a test fleet called Cabled (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator) and production (or not) will depend on the results ...

Via Microcab

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