(VIDEO) 2011 Green Flight Challenge: weighing and inspection

The Green Flight Challenge (GFC) is a competition in which participants must achieve a technological breakthrough with aircrafts... Travel 200 miles (320km) at a speed of 100mph (160kph) with only 1 gallon (3.78liters) of fuel (or equivalent )… For a $1.65 million prize pool...

The competition starts this week until October 3rd, after stringent tests by the manufacturers to reach their goals, the moment of truth has arrived with the start of the competition.

First step: weighing and inspection, four participants are inspected in the video below: the E Genuis, the StemmeS10 EcoEagle the Pipistrel Taurus G4, and PhoEnix (which we will presented in details shortly)

This exhibition / challenge, now sponsored by Google is also the opportunity to present innovations such as Google’s autonomous cars, Brammo motorcycles and Kleenspeed vehicles but also pure technologies: D-Star Engineering, Wrightspeed, Extreme Capacitor or Catto Props.

And for those of you who want to know more about the procedure, here is the Pipistrel Taurus G4 being checked

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