Paris Go Green Auto Rally: photos and test drives

Held for several years in the U.S., this eco-driving rally is supported by Ricoh and “orchestrated” through EcoGyser’s technology.
Today in Paris was held its first French edition at the Pavillon Dauphine, a chance to see electric vehicles and even some race cars like the Hybrid LMP1 from Hope Racing that ran at Le Mans this year. 

Lmp1_Hope (2).JPG

The event featured Philippe Streiff, and Paul Belmondo who had the opportunity to do his first test drive with the Tesla Roadster Sport. 

Lmp1_Hope (2).JPG

Exagon Motors and its chairman Luc Marchetti were there with their beautiful GT, developments are still ongoing for deliveries announced by 2012-end. 

Tesla Motors was there, with no less than three cars, including two for testing.

The Belgium electric car-sharing operator ZenCar also exhibited a Tazzari. 


The remainder of the show was essentially composed of two wheelers.
We have had the opportunity to try three models:
SEV eTricks’ latest version, the Cityzen, a version more adapted to the city with more comfort and more flexibility. Despite the additions and changes the impression remains the same as with the original eTricks, halfway between mountainbike and motocross that badly makes you want to go offroad...
Vectrix VX1 Li 
A first for us, the test of the Vectrix Lithium, the torque is instantaneous and the handling is pleasant. We like the “engine brake” that is regulated by turning the accelerator in the opposite direction, triggering energy regeneration that can provide up to 20% more capacity. 

Let's say that for a 125cc acceleration is amazing, only minus, the price still high, €8000 to € 10000 for this Lithium version, eventhough it offers a range of nearly 100km… 

Was also exhibited the VX-2 (50cc version) which was launched earlier this year. 

The Vectrix(s) were in force with a gathering of six VX-1 (one of the largest ever seen) and especially a "survivor" VX-1 from Benjamin Voron the one used in Electrip-USA… It sill runs, even after crossing the United States from New York to Los Angeles and with its 8486km on the clock. 


Then, to conclude, a test drive of the version 2.0 of the electric scooter Elmoto (after a first test over a year ago). Always nice to look at, especially with this black and red livery, the feeling here is closer to the scooter with a reactive handling, it accelerates faster than eTricks and its sleek design makes impression, we just regret the handlebars a little too large from our point of view, otherwise no problem... 

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