Frankfurt 2011: more information and images on the InEco

Developed by the University of Dresden in partnership with Thyssen Krupp here's (again) the InEco announced on September 9th with first sketches.


Thanks to the use of composites and CFRP, the chassis weighs only 120kg, the 15kWh Lithium Ion battery pack is placed in the floor. Thus, the InEco’s empty weight stands at only 900kg, while this electric hatchback welcomes 4 passengers…


Its electric motor develops 81hp and 240Nm continuously for 163hp and 720Nm in peak, more than enough to bring down the 0 to 100kph to 7.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 160kph!

At last an electric compact that promises sensations, with, last but not least a 46/54 weight distribution...


For now only presented with renderings and a 1:4 scale model on their booth, we cannot wait to see what this concept will do on the road!

Par Technologic Vehicles
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