(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2011: the concept car MUTE from TU Munchen in details

After an initial announcement on July 15th, Munich’s University of Technology (TU München) revealed its prototype of lightweight electric vehicle in Frankfurt.

This prototype has a torque vectoring differential for improved handling. The 15kW engine that drives the rear wheels is powered by a 10kW Lithium Ion battery but also by a 4kW Zinc-Air range extender; which presumably works like the one fitted on LeoMotors’ bike, with zinc balls that come in contact with air, producing a chemical reaction that creates electricity.


Its chassis is in aluminum, a crash box protects the two occupants and a plastic body reinforced with fibers takes care of the vehicle’s aesthetics in lightness, while the LED lights give the final touch.

Despite its “almost CrossOver” lines, the compact MUTE (which is as long as Fiat500 with 3.55 m) has a very interesting drag coefficient Cd (0.27).
Weight distribution is 45/55.


The interior is also innovative with a touch-screen central console that is both on-board computer and infotainment system ... To save the battery the heating can run on bio-ethanol ... An impressive combination of technologies, with a preserved 510liters loading capacity.

Via Mute
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