(VIDEO) BrammoParx: green motorsport amusement parks

The company KOM Enterprise gmbh launched some years the QuantyaParx under license from the Swiss brand, where, just like Quad or Go-Kart, visitors could rent and test Quantya electric motocross.

A successful experience that today pushes Brammo, another manufacturer of electric motorbikes, to buy the KOM concept and locations (they managed to find a business model and have experience in the field), the QuantyaParx(s) becoming BrammoParx(s).


A very effective way to discover the pleasures and the performances of electric two-wheelers, that is expected to grow rapidly through franchising opportunities.

Visitors can now try out bikes that are even closer petrol ones, they are the first electric motorcycles to be fitted with a 6 speed transmission designed by IET: the Engage and the Encite revealed in May.

KOM locations already cover five countries in Europe, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain and United Kingdom. The official reveal of BrammoParx will be held at the 2011 EICMA show in six weeks.

“We are pleased to welcome KOM staff to Brammo. They bring unrivalled expertise in an area that we know has strong growth potential in the years ahead. We are very much looking forward to working together and growing the BrammoParx business.”
Craig Bramscher founder of Brammo announced that the Engage and Encite will be available soon, but without giving any precise date.  Brammo’s motocross are available for pre-order from $ 10,000 in the U.S.

Important point to conclude, Brammo acquires the concept of amusement park which was developed by Quantya but the Swiss brand of electric motocross remains independent.

Here is a selection of videos on the former QuantyaParx

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