(VIDEO) Seat IBL, or the plug-in four-door coupe

After the IBE, a compact electric car concept at the Paris Auto Show, the genes of the brand and its future guidelines are expressed in a new concept car, a plug-in hybrid sedan, the IBL.

These concept cars won’t see production but announce the arrival of new models next year, "a true offensive" say the brand’s representatives.

Seat_ibl_iaa2011 (4).jpg

4.67m long, 1.85m wide it fits in the category of "four-door coupe" understand sedan with dynamic lines, a sportback at the crossroads between the spacious saloon and coupe with sharp lines.

This concept is reminiscent of the A3 e-tron Concept presented in Shanghai but with specific front and rear LED lights for a distinctive look, in the wake of Seat’s other concepts.

Seat_ibl_iaa2011 (4).jpg

Despite being rather discrete on the green segment, they are effective with a range Ecomotive and now E-Ecomotive offering emissions among the lowest in the market, such as the Ibiza 75hp 1.2TDi CR with 89g/km and 3.4 l/100km.

Seat and carbon-free mobility: in addition to the electrified concepts presented on Auto Shows, the brand tests since the beginning of the year a fleet of Seat Leon TwinDrive (article of February 9th).

“The IBL shows that sports saloons within the SEAT brand portfolio will play an important role in future. However, this concept car does not pre-empt a specific model, but rather shows the design philosophy we are applying to bring the unmistakable SEAT identity to a saloon car, too”, says James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. 

“The IBL is the perfect representation of SEAT brand values – with its distinctive look, its precision and its premium feel. Over the next few years, SEAT will embark upon a product offensive that will see the spirit of the IBL reflected in several series-production models”.

Via Seat

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