(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2011: Volvo Concept You

A beautiful novelty this year at the show, the Volvo You, with a very sleek design that announces, partly the future S80 and especially Volvo’s new strategy.


The You concept, is strongly based on the Volvo Universe presented in Shanghai last April. 

About the engine, Volvo remains faithfull to its new policy, that is to build only four cylinders. The Swedish brand also announced the use of a flywheel, a system that works like an F1 KERS and thus allows to recover the energy lost during braking phases offering an extra boost of about 80hp (see May 30th article)!


In terms of competition, Volvo clearly addresses to the Audi A7 or the Mercedes CLS, but it is the only one currently offering a green and innovative technology combining a 4 cylinder and a flywheel.

Article by H. Le flanchec // Via Volvo
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